Advance SC400™ Walk-Behind Scrubber Provides a Highly Productive, Cost-Efficient Solution for Small-Area Cleaning

Advance introduces the SC400™ walk-behind automatic scrubber, designed to bridge the gap between labor-intensive mops and buckets and high-priced, large automatic scrubbers. Featuring a compact size and 6-gallon solution/recovery tank, the SC400 enhances productivity for small-area cleaning, including gas stations, schools and healthcare facilities.

The SC400 maximizes cleaning productivity with a unique center-pivot squeegee system. Employing a gas spring for optimal blade pressure, the squeegee system can effectively pick up solution in both forward and reverse in just one pass—leaving the floors clean, dry and ready for foot traffic faster than alternative solutions. The machine also features fully variable solution control settings, which allows operators to clean for over one hour on a single tank.

Additional benefits include:

  • Simple operation with little to no training required via one-touch operation.
  • Compact, highly maneuverable design allows cleaning in space-restricted areas.
  • Low operating sound level of only 67 dB A meets LEED-EB and GS-42 noise standards and makes daytime cleaning or cleaning of noise-sensitive areas viable.
  • Sustainable cleaning is guaranteed with minimal water and detergent use and maintenance-free gel batteries.

The SC400 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to schools and universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, grocery, retail outlets, convenience stores and restaurants.


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