SC351™ Micro Scrubber Delivers Better Performance in a Wider Range of Small Area Cleaning Applications

Advance introduces the new SC351™ Battery-Operated Micro Scrubber. With easy-to-use operator functions, enhanced vacuum performance and diverse operating modes, the SC351 accommodates multiple cleaning applications.

The SC351 is the only battery-operated disc micro scrubber on the market that offers true forward and reverse water pickup. Featuring an innovative rotating deck with an integrated squeegee, the SC351 provides simultaneous clean and dry capabilities in all directions. Operators can push the machine forward like a normal scrubber or, with a simple handle action, the operator can trigger the deck to rotate for reverse pickup.

With unique performance features, the SC351 provides enhanced scrubbing performance over traditional small scrubbers through the following benefits:

  • 100% water pick-up with superior vacuum system and improved squeegee design leaves floors safe, clean, dry and ready-to-use
  • Improved traction with non-slip rubber wheel design enables easy operation up and down steps or ramps
  • Flexible cleaning with four distinct operating modes, including off; water and brush; water, brush and vacuum; and vacuum and brush
  • Easy machine transportation and storage as rubber handle can be quickly folded or adjusted for operator or space requirements

The SC351 is ideal for use in small area applications that require reduced noise and safe, clean floors, including, but are not limited to: convenience stores, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, food service restaurants, gas stations and retail stores.

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