Perfect Performance in Sevilla

Removing wax and gum from streets was the demand from the city of Sevilla and the Cyclone CY5000 has proved its worth for over year.

Last year Nilfisk Iberia delivered a Cyclone CY5000 cleaning system to LIPASAM, the contract cleaner for Sevilla Spain. While investigating the current cleaning machines available in the market, Sevilla Spain was impressed with the performance of the CY5000 for the removal of wax from paving stone floors.

The tradition of religious procession during Easter week in Spain, where people walk the streets with candles, creates a very specific need: A machine that can remove wax. Once the wax dries on the stone streets it creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians as well as motorists in addition to a labor intensive process for contract cleaners using expensive and long processes to remove it.

With the CY5000 we were able to offer a perfect solution, which enables LIPASAM to give a high quality service to Sevilla with an efficient outdoor machine.  With just one pass of cleaning, the wax was completely removed, which increases productivity and provides a greater return on the investment.  The capacity of the CY5000 in recovering road surface contaminates and removing wax from roads has been the two main points in introducing the Cyclone cleaning system to the Spanish market. 


During the week of procession in Spain thousands of people walk the streets with candles.

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