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On January 6, 2015 the Cyclone CY5500 and a CY210 said goodbye to the shores of Toulon harbor and joined the French Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle.

January 2015; The journey started two years ago when Nilfisk France won a tender over two other competitors for a flight deck cleaning system. The tender was initiated by OTAN, and it is the first time that these cleaning systems will be implemented on a ship. The Cyclone cleaning systems will allow the flight deck crew to safely and effectively achieve a deep clean of the runway with the CY5500 as well as the narrow spaces with the CY210, all in a fraction of the time it takes with typical pressure washing methods.

Like the human recruits on the ship, the Cyclones have been through thorough training before boarding the ship. To match the needs of the French Navy, the CY5500 has received a special corrosion treatment and “marine aluminum” for the Cyclone head. Other components have also been protected as recommended. Four lifting hooks have been added allowing the entire machine to be lifted onto the flight deck.

Upon delivery, the French Navy received user and maintenance training by Fernand Da Silva (French technical support), Bernard Chevalier (French outdoor demonstrator) and Christopher Williams (service and support manager, Cyclone Technology - US). It is with pride and wet eyes that we wish our two young recruits a safe and long journey with Charles de Gaulle as they traverse the high seas.

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