First Cyclone 4006LT Delivered

September 2014; The Cyclone 4006LT, the first of its kind, was delivered by Cyclone Technology in Tempe, AZ. The 4006LT is a smaller version of the 4006HT and is built on a Peterbilt 220 chassis. It carries 800 gallons (3025 liters) of fresh water and pumps 5.5 gal/min (21 liters/minute) at 40,000 psi (2,700 Mpa). A 250 horsepower (186 kW) engine powers the Cyclone system while a proprietary electronic control system controls the Cyclone system. The unit has a new hydrostatic drive system, a new articulated front head-boom and has a complete set of parts and maintenance manuals.

The cleaning system moved through design, development, testing and shipment for delivery, in less than seven months proving the engineering and build capabilities of Cyclone Technology. September 2014 marked the delivery of the first 4006LT cleaning system, along with three days of Operation training and technical support. The training crew reported that the customer is extremely pleased with the machine as well as its performance.

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 The Cyclone 4006LT works to remove rubber on airport runways as this accumulates with each aircraft landing. 

Ensuring airport safety

The Cyclone 4006 family of machines removes rubber and paint from airport runways and taxiways. The rubber on the airport runway accumulates with each aircraft landing and must be removed for safety per FAA regulations. Paint markings and lines on runways and taxiways require maintenance and are constantly moved or altered as airports change their traffic patterns and new aircrafts are introduced.  The Cyclone cleaning systems are the most efficient and capable machines in the marketplace, ensuring prompt, effective and environmentally friendly paint and rubber removal on airfields across the globe

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