First Cyclone in Melbourne

March 2014 marked the delivery of Australia’s first Cyclone machine to Melbourne International Airport. Almost 18 months of hard work by one of Australia’s largest Nilfisk distributors was rewarded by a seamless, trouble free delivery and implementation.Abud Merhi from National Sweepers took the initiative to introduce the Ultra High pressure Cyclone Technology to Australia. His focus on the environmental benefits for runway clean-ups and reduced water usage resonated with an industry that relies on removal of rubber without damage to the surface.

Sustainable cleaning

The Cyclone 4006 uses less water than other designs and can also remove rubber and contaminants from both grooved and smooth surfaces without damaging the integrity of the runway on asphalt and concrete.

Melbourne 4006.jpg

At work on the runways… The Cyclone’s special technique eliminates any need for rubber removal chemicals and Melbourne Airport expects significant cost savings. 

The Cyclone 4006 cleans runways with Ultra High Pressure water, eliminating any need for rubber removal chemicals while the single engine configuration decreases maintenance requirements and sound levels.

Melbourne Airport estimates the cost savings will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars over an annual cycle by enabling runway cleaning in half the time it has previously taken.
The Cyclone 4006 can also remove all types of paint line markings without the risk of grinding or shot blasting. The turbine blades spinning at over 1500rpm create a true Cyclone with airflow in excess of 225km/hr. combined with high pressure water jets blasting the surface at up to 40,000 psi.

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