Design Builds for Shanghai

February 2013, It was more than a year efforts by the sales team to secure this major deal with the strong technical support from the Nilfisk Cyclone factory in North America.

Outstanding technology knocked out competitor

The 2 Cyclone CY7500 units are to be used for deep surface cleaning at Shanghai’s first permeable road. Permeable paving is a range of materials and techniques for paving roads, parking lots and sidewalks that allow the movement of water and air around the paving material, and a Cyclone CY7500 that is truck-mounted with pressure can be adjusted to meet the specific road surface cleaning requirements.

Cyclone deal in Shanghai 2 (350x238).jpg Cyclone deal in Shanghai (640x427) (2).jpg

Closing the deal and beginning a new close relationship with the customer. A road-maintenance company in Shanghai has bought 2 Cyclone machines and this was marked with a celebration ceremony.

Breakthrough for larger equipment
The success in securing this large size deal is a remarkable breakthrough for the China Exhibit team’s capability to sell larger size equipment built on the full understanding of customer needs. The switch in the approach from “price selling” to “value selling” is key in our Must Win Battle.

Sales Manager Johnson Ma said; “We have worked closely with the Cyclone R&D and Service team in order to make the customer 100% satisfied. Being the Customers’ Preferred Choice requires us to think ahead of our customers and have a maintenance program available to keep the customer satisfied all the time.”

Uncovering the outdoor market
Key Account Manager Mark Yang commented; “China’s Key Account Team is devoted to uncovering new customer needs in the outdoor market. If we succeed in the outdoor market, it will help enable us to secure the leadership in the China market and we are very confident that we with our “sowing the seeds” effort in the past years have a number of sales opportunities in the pipeline right now.”

Sales Director James Huang adds that this large deal sends a strong signal to the market:
“This deal increases the confidence level in our other prospects about our products and solutions and it widens the gap with our competitors,” he says.

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