The City of Albuquerque Aviation Airfield Maintenance Division says of the purchased Cyclone 4006 Rubber and Paint Removal unit, “I’m delighted to say that my paint team and mechanic team are both very happy with this unit, this unit exceeded our expectation.”

Airfield Maintenance Manager
CABQ Aviation Department
Sunport International Airport
Albuquerque, NM

When Carlton Forge Works, an Industrial forging company, purchased a CY5500 they saw drastic improvement in the cleanliness of their facility, “The overall appearance of our outdoor surfaces has improved dramatically, mostly due to the impressive cleaning power of Cyclone Technology. That in addition to the Cyclone's ability to contain reclaim and recycle the used water on the spot helps keep our company environmentally friendly and compliant.”

Best Regards,
Environmental & Safety Engineer
Carlton Forge Works
Paramount, CA

Team Eagle, who represents and distributes the world’s leading brands of airfield products says, “We are pleased to say that we are very impressed with the cleaning efficiency and performance of the Cyclone 4006 machine. Furthermore, we have been completely satisfied with the parts, service and support team throughout the Cyclone Division of Nilfisk.”

Chief Financial Officer
Team Eagle
Ontario, Canada

After the receipt of their Cyclone 4006 Rubber and Paint removal machine the City of Roswell said, “I am pleased to say that my Superintendent and Maintenance Staff are very happy with the performance of this equipment (Cyclone 4006) and the customer service received by Nilfisk when called upon. “ When compared to similar equipment the maintenance staff said, “Hands down the Cyclone is a better machine”.

Air Center Manager
Roswell International Air Center
Roswell, NM

As an owner operator in the contract cleaning business productivity is the key to success , “The TR5000 is the best concrete cleaning system on the planet! I've been using the system for one year now and it has paid for itself three times, in this business time is money and with the TR5000 a two hour job can be done in 30 minutes.”

Advance Cleaning Solutions
Phoenix, AZ

Taking rubber and paint removal in house with the purchase of a Cyclone 4006 Salt Lake City International Airport is more than satisfied with the results, “We have been very pleased with the performance and operation of the machine; it’s enabled the airport to maintain the runway surface throughout the year with a maintenance schedule. Along with its great performance it has been very environmentally-friendly.”

Fleet Operations Manager
Salt Lake City Department of Airports
Salt Lake City, UT

After the CY5000 series of Cyclones was introduced to Total Surface Solutions in the United Kingdom, it changed their outlook on surface cleaning. “The Cyclone is an excellent system that can drastically change the way cleaning is carried out, the speed and efficiency of the equipment also increases the number of surfaces that can be cleaned.”

Managing Director
Total Surface Solutions
Holywood, United Kingdom

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