San Diego has long been known as "America’s Finest City"...

…However, dirty hardscape surfaces can cause significant negative health, environmental and economic impacts to our city. They can leave a poor impression with tourists, turn away potential customers from local businesses, and even impair property values.

Traditional pressure washing has long been the approach to surface cleaning but is slow, labor intensive, not always effective at truly cleaning surfaces and causes other issues like toxic stormwater pollution that is either illegal or costly to mitigate.

And now, with new technology, San Diego can become “America’s Cleanest City” by evolving how it keeps its sidewalks, plazas, promenades, streets and parking structures clean and setting a new standard for what “clean” can mean for residents and visitors.

Technology Such As Cyclone vs. Traditional Pressure Washing

  • Sweeping or hosing down surfaces doesn’t actually clean so much as it superficially just moves pollutants that too often end up in San Diego waterways if a rainstorm hasn’t done it first.
  • Cyclone technology removes oil and unsightly stains, E. Coli and other public health risks for safe disposal, while bringing concrete, bricks and asphalt back to their original color.
  • At up to 20,000 sq ft per hour, deep cleans hard surfaces 17x faster than traditional pressure washing.
  • No requirement for setting up water hoses, or lugging a heavy portable pressure washer – cleaning system is self-contained.
  • Using heated water at variable pressure to adapt to a given surface, cyclonic action instantly recaptures ~95% of water and toxic pollutants for proper disposal.
  • Structures without drainage can now be cleaned without need for costly runoff capture.
  • Onboard recycling and filtering technology requires 90% less water use than traditional pressure washing.
  • Uses zero harmful chemicals that could harm residents or the environment.
  • Efficient cleaning process, free from harmful chemicals, provides a safer and cleaner environment for city residents.
  • Cyclone equipment effectively removes dirt, stains and contaminants, contributing to overall public safety.
  • Decreases cleaning costs by as much as 88% per sq ft.
  • Onboard technology dramatically shortens cleaning time, reduces fuel use, cuts water use by about 90%, minimizes public disruption and makes workers’ jobs much easier.
  • Reduces public health risks by eliminating E.coli and other harmful bacteria.
  • Studies show clean streets / sidewalks can raise resident property values by as much as 20%.
  • Studies show customers are 70% less likely to patronize a business located in an area they consider dirty.
  • Economic Impact – makes the area more attractive to new business and residents; tourists take home a much better impression of San Diego supporting a strong tourism economy; and more.