Cyclone CY200

Ultra high pressure Paint Line and Epoxy coating removal and surface preparation with recovery

The CY200 is a self-propelled paint line removal  attachment that is designed to attach to one of the 3 4006 series trucks. IT can handle paint and epoxy coating removal. The CY210 has an adustable cleaning path from 6 to 16 in (15 – 41 cm). The hand  trigger controls the output of the pressurized water to the surface. 

  • Superior maneuverability and increased efficiency 
  • Paint line removal up to 300′ away from power unit 
  • No vacuum needed, Cyclone head provides 
  • Up to 43,500 psi (2,700 bar) at 6 gpm (21 L/min)
  • Removal and recovery without the need for a vacuum 
  • Uses a low volume of water to provide effective removal with low water consumption